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Page last updated on June 9, 2023 at 3:29 pm

The Trades District Garage was approved for development by the Bloomington Redevelopment Commission and City Council to support the city’s newest employment hub and cultural destination.


The 350-space garage featuring commercial/retail space facing the B-Line Trail complements the Trades District’s burgeoning business activity at The Mill, the Kiln (future office and commercial space) and additional sites in development, for which Bloomington is being recognized as Indiana’s Rising Tech City.


Equipped with electric vehicle charging stations and a solar array, the Trades District Garage and the replacement Fourth Street Garage are the first in Indiana to achieve Parksmart certification, a sustainability credential. Click here for frequently asked questions about the garage construction project.  



Parking Details

Entrance Location: The entrances are located off 10th Street or off Morton Street on Rogers Avenue.  Ideal parking for Farmers' Market, City Hall, or Dimension Mill.

Hours of Operation: Open 24/7


Rates/How to Pay

Hourly Rate: $.50 per hour (Accepts cash, Visa and MasterCard)

A pay station is located on the first floor next to the elevator.

Sunday parking is free in all City garages.


Better Monthly Rates Available!

Purchase a Monthly Parking Permit

Click here to learn about other parking options in downtown Bloomington.



Public Art Installation

Per its commitment to the One Percent for the Arts ordinance, the City commissioned Aurora Almanac, by Esteban Garcia Bravo in partnership with Weber, Inc. as part of its plans for the construction of the Trades District Garage.

Installed on each floor of the garage’s north and south stairwells, Aurora Almanac comprises seven panels of three-dimensional tile lit in alternating colors. Several of the designs that make up the piece were created by local residents who attended workshops facilitated by artist Garcia Bravo. More information is available at

Mayor Hamilton, members of the Bloomington Arts Commission, and the public dedicated Aurora Almanac on December 3, 2021. 


Aurora Almanac