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Page last updated on December 21, 2023 at 10:18 am

City of Bloomington 2024 Employee Shower Permit Renewal: 

It is that time of year again! Time to get your 2024 Parking Permit!

Below are the step-by-step instructions for renewing your 2024 City of Bloomington Parking Permit for those
employees who ONLY park at City Hall. There are two different steps that you might need to follow.  Please follow the directions that have been outlined below for your renewal to go smoothly.

Again this year, all permits will be mailed. Please note, you can only request one (1) permit per city hall employee and this permit is transferable vehicle to vehicle.

To access the Parking Portal, you will need your email address and parking account password.  If you have forgotten your parking account password, you will first need to recover your parking account password. GO TO STEP 2 INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. If you have your parking account password, proceed to Step 1.

Step 1: Log in to Parking Portal Using Your Email Address and Parking Account Password
1.On the "Parking Permit Portal" page, click the "GET PERMITS" button on the bottom of the screen.
2.You are already authorized to renew, so click the “NEXT” button.
3.Confirm that your home address information is correct, then click “NEXT”
4.RE-confirm your home address, then click “CONFIRM”
5.On the “Select Permit and Permit Agreement” page please check the “I AGREE” box to accept the
rules/regulations, then click “NEXT”.
6.On the “Select Your Vehicles for Permit” page select the one (primary) vehicle you want associated with this permit,
then hit “NEXT”.
7.On the “Select Other Permit Information” page select or add the mailing address where you want the permit to be
delivered, then hit “NEXT”.
8.On the “View Cart” page confirm that the information is correct then click on the “PAY NOW” ($0) button.
9. On the “Payment Information” page click “PAY NOW”
10. On the “Payment Receipt” page you may print your receipt. Then click “LOGOUT”
Step 2: Recover your Parking Account Password
1.Please go to the following link to recover your parking account password: Recover Parking Account Password
2.On the "Create or Recover Your Password" page, enter the email address of the account to which you received this
email, then click "SUBMIT". Please note: this is the email address that you previously provided to the Parking
Services Division.
3.After clicking "SUBMIT", you will receive a password reset email from
(If you do not see email, please check your spam folder).
4.When you receive the reset email, click the link underneath "To reset your password and choose a new one, visit
5.From the "Change Password" screen, create a new password and click "UPDATE". Please keep this password for
future parking permit renewals.

Please Note: Interns should park in Morton Street garage and get their garage entry ticket validated by showing their
City ID at the Shower’s front counter. Interns are not eligible for a city hall employee parking permit.

New Hires or if you have never had a City Hall parking permit, you must download and complete the 2024 City
Parking Permit Form found on the KB. Save it and email it to A parking
customer service representative will contact you once your application has been approved.

If you have any questions about requesting an employee permit online, please contact the parking customer
service office at (812) 349-3436.
Thank you,
Michelle L. Wahl, CAPP, City of Bloomington, Parking Services Director


City of Bloomington 2023 On-line Employee Parking Permit Program and Showers Lot Pilot Parking Cash-Out Incentive Program 

Dear City Employees:

It is that time of year again and we are happy to announce a $500 incentive for employees who work at City Hall and choose another way to commute besides driving their vehicles. Below is the Parking Cash-Out Pilot Program policy that aims to reduce the City’s impact on carbon emissions by incentivizing employees to bike, walk, skate, scooter, use public transportation, or commute to work in another way than by a single-occupancy vehicle. 

Eligible employees may receive a 2023 Showers parking lot permit at no cost, or they may forgo a permit for the remainder of the year to receive a $500 stipend. The $500 stipend will be added to the eligible employee’s paycheck and as required by law, will be taxed. Employees must request either the permit or the stipend through their online parking account by using this link: by December 30, 2022.  Once logged into your account, please click on the announcement for further instructions.

Employees may email feedback regarding this program to  Questions about how to request a City Hall Showers permit or how to request a stipend should be directed to the Parking Services Division. Questions about the status of a stipend should be directed to the Controller’s Office and questions about eligibility requirements should be directed to Human Resources.


2023 Parking Cash-Out Pilot Program Policy

Eligibility for a Showers lot permit 

Regular Part Time and Regular Full Time employees whose primary work site is City Hall (whether or not they telecommute for part of the week), along with City Council Members, may receive a Showers parking lot permit for free. 

Eligibility for the stipend

Regular Part Time and Regular Full Time employees whose primary work site is City Hall (whether or not they telecommute for part of the week) and who choose not to receive a Showers parking lot permit, may request a stipend.

The stipend will be added to the eligible employee’s paycheck. Under federal and state law, this stipend will be taxed as additional compensation.

Deadlines to request a permit or stipend

Current employees will not be able to request a 2023 Showers lot permit or a stipend after December 30, 2022.

New hires or employees who transfer from another work site to City Hall after the request deadlines, may request a Showers permit, but are not eligible for the stipend.

Parking without a valid permit

Employees without a permit may utilize City parking garages, other off-street parking, or on-street parking at their own cost.

Employees who park in the Showers lot without a valid permit after January 3, 2023 may be subject to a parking citation in addition to progressive discipline up to and including termination of employment.