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Page last updated on April 16, 2024 at 12:14 pm

Sustainability Vision: The City of Bloomington, Indiana will become a sustainability leader by working as a community to preserve our natural resources, maintain our distinct culture, build a diverse and thriving economy, and ensure a healthy and equitable standard of living (as developed by the Bloomington Community in 2018). 

The City of Bloomington has a long-standing commitment to sustainability and City partnerships. Programs related to energy conservation, renewable energy, and waste reduction have helped establish Bloomington as a regional sustainability leader and strengthened the volunteer and entrepreneurial spirit of the community.

The City addresses sustainability through careful attention to environmental, economic, and social equity issues, and looks for linkages among those issues. Sustainability and livability are our guiding principles and are the foundations of quality, long-lasting economic and community development.

Follow the work of the Commission on Sustainability or Environmental Commission for more information on community programs and efforts. 


                                  Bloomington Climate Action Dashboard 

Climate Action Dashboard Platform Screenshots


The City of Bloomington is excited to unveil its Climate Action Dashboard, an innovative platform to support City goals to make local climate action more transparent and accessible. Residents will have the opportunity to learn about the City’s ongoing initiatives, hear success stories and testimonials from community members, track community-wide progress towards emissions reductions, and access resources for individual climate action. To view and interact with the dashboard, residents can visit


The dashboard was developed in partnership between the City’s Economic and Sustainable Development Department and ClimateNav, a public-benefit startup that builds tools and resources to help local governments fight climate change. The dashboard breaks down the City’s sustainability goals into the different sectors they address and includes information about City initiatives and opportunities within each sector. As an added benefit, the dashboard includes useful information and resources about actions that Bloomington residents and businesses can take to reduce their own personal carbon footprint within each of the sectors.