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Page last updated on September 20, 2023 at 2:17 pm

Morton and Walnut Street parking garages are now fully equipped with Parker Technology’s 24/7 customer service experience. At any point during your parking session, a Parker representative will be available to assist with any problems you might encounter via live video conferencing. Putting a human touch back into parking, Parker Technology will help to improve the operational efficiency in the City of Bloomington’s parking garages.




How it Works

Located at the drive-up pay terminals in the Morton Street or Walnut Street garages.

Encounter a problem? Push the button on the terminal labeled “Push for Help.” This button is located above where you enter your payment.

A Parker Technology representative that is trained in the operations of Bloomington’s parking garages will answer your call within 11 seconds and resolve your issue within one minute.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Parker Technology?

Parker Technology specializes in providing customer service related to the parking experience. All staff members are trained in our specific facilities and are readily available to solve your problems via their 24/7 call center or live video conferencing. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Parker Technology answered over 60,000 calls just last month, including in IUPUI’s parking facilities.


Why is the City partnering with Parker Technology?

The City of Bloomington is always looking to improve our customer service and increase efficiency in our garages. By partnering with Parker Technology, it lessens the demand placed on existing facility staff and allows them to focus on other operational challenges.


Can I still contact the garage staff?

Facility managers will no longer be taking customer service calls, which frees up their time for other facility management responsibilities. But you can always get in touch with a facility manager for general questions and concerns at (812) 349-3844.


Does this change payment options in the parking garages?

No, the payment process will remain the same. The garages are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and cost $0.50 per hour to park. If you have any problems with payment, you can now contact Parker’s service representatives to resolve the issue.


What garages does this affect?

Morton Street garage (300 N. Morton Street) and Walnut Street garage (300 N. Walnut Street) are currently the only parking facilities equipped with Parker Technology. This technology is now installed in the new Trades District garage (489 W. 10th Street) and 4th Street garage (105 W. 4th Street).


When can I contact Parker customer service?

You can contact a representative at any time during your parking experience. The call center is open 24/7 at 800-923-2704.


What problems can they help me with?

Parker representatives can help you with any issues you encounter while parking. This includes issues with payment, problems leaving the garage, and anything else that may occur during your time at the facility.




Contact Parking Services Director Michelle Wahl at or 812.349.3517