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Page last updated on February 10, 2023 at 2:52 pm


Q1. Who is eligible to obtain the neighborhood parking permits?  

A1. Any person who maintains their residence within a neighborhood parking zone may apply.  First-time homeowners must present a utility bill.  Renters must submit a current lease.  Valid vehicle registrations are required for both homeowners and tenants.  Renters are permitted to purchase one (1) vehicle permit, and/or one (1) visitor permit per address annually.


Q2. Is it possible for me to apply for my permit by mail?

A2. Actually, you have two options. The first option, which is the fastest option and this is completing the online application at The second is the application can be filled out and printed by clicking here and once completed then emailed to  

Upon receipt of your accepted application, and if paying by credit card a customer service representative will contact you by phone to obtain credit card payment information. Please DO NOT include credit card information with your submission.


Q3. What is the fee for permits?

A3. Click the link for the appropriate fee schedule:

15.37.050 Neighborhood Residential Parking Permit Rates 2022-2023

15.37.210  Downtown Employee Parking Permit Rates 2019-2029

15.37.220  Greek House & Collins-Living Parking Permit Rates 2019-2029

15.37.190 Contractor Parking Permit Rates 2019-2029


Q4. How do I display my permit?

A4. Affix your parking permit to the inside surface of the rear window on the lower-left corner driver’s side.

If the window is tinted, affix the parking permit to the inside surface of the front window on the left corner driver’s side.

You should have received a clear plastic square with a permit. Please remove the white paper from the permit, place the permit on the plastic square, and then tape it to your window.

The visitor hangtag must be hung from the rearview mirror.


Q5. Does the parking permit guarantee me a parking space?

A5. No, parking is on a first-come-first-served basis.


Q6. Can I park anywhere in the zone with my permit?

A6. Yes, the permit allows you to park on the street anywhere in the zone where there are no other restrictions.  A few examples would be yellow curbs or signs stating, “No Parking or No Parking Anytime”.


Q7. What should landlords, realtors, and service vehicles do to park when they are providing service?

A7. There are three (3) options for parking:

  • Use a visitor permit from the resident receiving service.
  • Purchase an annual “All-Zone” permit. 
  • Purchase a daily permit.​​​​​​


Q8. Who may purchase a visitor's permit?

A8. A visitor permit must be purchased by the resident living in the neighborhood zone.  The permit can only be used by a visitor while temporarily visiting the address.  Only one (1) visitor permit may be purchased per address


Q9. What if I buy a new vehicle during the year?

A9. Should the permit holder change vehicles, or the license plate changes it would be necessary to return the permit(s) and provide proof of new vehicle registration.  Upon receipt of the new vehicle registration and new permit(s) will be issued a replacement fee of $10.00 per permit.


Q10. What happens if the residents of a property change?

A10If the permit holder moves out of the residential zone the permit is assigned, the permit automatically becomes invalid. 


Q11. What hours will the parking by permit areas be enforced?

A11All zones shall be in effect from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Additionally, from August 15 through May 15, Zone 6 will be in continuous effect from 8 a.m.Thursday until 8 a.m. Sunday.


Q12. How much is the fine for a violation of the neighborhood parking by permit ordinance?

A12. Please click on the code link: 15.64.010 Section D


Q13. Does my parking permit allow me to park in all 9 (nine) zones?

A13No, your permit only allows you to park in the zone where you reside.


Q14. Can I park my vehicle on the street for an extended period?

A14No, vehicles must be moved every seventy-two (72) hours.


Q15. What is an unimproved surface?

A15An unimproved surface is dirt, sand, or grass, and parking is prohibited on these surfaces. 


Q16.  How do I submit an appeal for a citation or check the status of an appeal?

A16.  Please visit the following website to submit an appeal for a citation, or for information pertaining to citation appeals:



Q1. What if I lose my ticket to exit the garage? 

A1Press the 'lost ticket' button on the pay station or at the exit.


Q2. Can I pay with cash at the exits?

A2. No, cash is only accepted at the pay stations located on the first floor by the elevators.


Q3. Where is the parking garage office located?

A3. The Parking Services Department is now located at 206 S. Walnut, Bloomington, IN 47401.   Garage service offices are located on the first floor of each parking garage. 


Q4. What if I need immediate assistance and no one is at the parking garage office?

A4. If no one is in the office, call customer service at 812-369-3622, or visit the City of Bloomington website at


Q5. Can I park anywhere in the garages?

A5You cannot park in spaces that have any type of reserved parking sign.


Q6. What should I do if the exit machine will not take my ticket or credit card?

A6Press the assistance button and someone will help you.  Please click the link to learn more about our 24/7 garage customer service agent.


Q7. How do I enter and exit the garages with my monthly parking card, or as a Hilton Hotel guest?

A7. Tap your monthly permit or hotel guest card on the bullseye on the front of the exit machine. Please stay in your vehicle while doing so.


Q8.  What does it cost for a garage pass or a city-owned lot?

A8. 15.40.020 Garage Parking Permit Rates & Parking Lot Rates 2019-2029


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