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Page last updated on February 26, 2024 at 2:40 pm


Welcome to the Office of the Mayor. We provide support services to the elected Mayor of the City of Bloomington, Kerry Thomson, and her executive leadership team. Everything we do here — and all that we believe —  involves working to ensure that Bloomington remains a safe, prosperous, innovative, and well-run city for Bloomington residents, businesses and guests. We strive to provide consistent, high-level services which improve quality of life for all Bloomingtonians while working to meet the emerging needs of the 21st century. This is accomplished through public engagement, in cooperation with City Council, to determine and implement the priorities of our community’s residents.



To accomplish our mission, Mayor Kerry Thomson and the Office of the Mayor are committed to the following priorities:

Economic Vitality

  • Creating collaborative partnerships with the university; county government; state and regional economic development partners, and employers.
  • Stepping up the promotion of Bloomington as a premier tourism, arts and cultural destination. 



  • Implementing the Bloomington Housing Study.
  • Auditing Bloomington's housing ecosystem.
  • Increasing partnerships to create housing.
  • Leveraging existing assets to house our residents.
  • Supporting existing neighborhoods.


Public Safety

  • Building a community-based, sustainable approach to public safety, where all people and perspectives are welcome at the table.
  • Working closely with community providers and nonprofit and grassroots organizations to seek their insights and develop targeted and coordinated plans to assist the unhoused and others in crisis.
  • Communicating with rank-and-file police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics to seek their points of view.
  • Renewing and enhancing partnerships with Indiana University, Monroe County, and the state public safety agencies to share resources and seek state and federal grants.


Partnering for Progress

Rebuilding and strengthening relationships with county government, Indiana University, local schools, state government, and other organizations and businesses.


Inclusion and Accessibility

Building upon the existing diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion efforts to ensure our diverse communities feel safe and listened to and make it easier for women and minority-owned businesses to compete for city work.


Open Government

  • Building a culture of openness throughout the administration. 
  • Ensuring that every community member both feels and knows that their voices will be heard and that their point of view is valued.


A Sustainable City

Continuing Bloomington's leadership in sustainability, protecting our environment, and fighting climate change, environmental stewardship is core to every action the city takes.



  • Improving our roads and bridges.
  • Creating additional bike lanes.
  • Investing in public transportation improvements.
  • Supporting "smart growth" approaches to land use.


Quality of Place

  • Protecting and improving this place we love and call home.
  • Making our community safer, more welcoming, and more affordable.
  • Investing in community organizations, public spaces, small businesses, local artists, and all of the things that make Bloomington an exceptional place to live, work, and play.



Proclamation Requests

Throughout the year, Mayor Thomson recognizes individuals and organizations by issuing a City of Bloomington proclamation in their honor. Proclamations can designate a specific date, week or month of recognition.

To request a proclamation, please complete and submit our Proclamation Request form



Executive Leadership Team


Kerry Thomson, Mayor

Kerry Thomson began serving the residents of Bloomington as their mayor in January of 2024.  Prior to that she served as Executive Director of Indiana University’s Center for Rural Engagement and CEO for Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County.

Mayor Thomson, a long-time Bloomington resident, has served the community in numerous ways, including on the boards of the IU Credit Union, Indiana Habitat for Humanity, and the Tithe Advisory Board among others.  She is a graduate of Randolph Macon Woman’s College, and lives with her husband and children. 



Gretchen Knapp, Deputy Mayor

Gretchen Knapp was appointed deputy mayor in January of 2024.  Prior to that she served as head of both operations and marketing for The Mill. She has worked as an entrepreneur, executive, and freelance consultant throughout her career.


Deputy Mayor Knapp is a graduate of Kalamazoo College and earned her master’s degree from Indiana University. 



Contacting the Mayor's Office

All media and other communications requests should be directed to


All public engagement/outreach requests should be directed to


Gretchen Knapp

Deputy Mayor

Josefa Madrigal

Chief of Staff

Kerry Thomson